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Softwash Cleaning

Shine On UK provides an expert render cleaning service. The UK climate encourages the growth of moss, fungi, algae and lichens, all of which thrive on render, along with dirt and other air pollutants.
Render cleaning can make a world of difference to the appearance of your property. When thoroughly cleaned, your property can be restored to their original colour, giving your building a new lease of life.
Different renders require different approaches for the best results. Therefore, we offer different cleaning methods to suite the render, and your budget.
Softwashing has become the number one method of cleaning render, Including EWI systems such as K-REND, Wetherby, SAS, Knauf, Weber and Parex surfaces. We use a low-pressure Biocide wash when Softwashing, which cleans all organic matter such as algae, lichens and moss form the surfaces. We also clean away general dirt, grime and atmosperic pollutants.

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