Due to our expertise and training, we will remove graffiti from brick, concrete and other exterior surfaces in a cost effective and painless manner. We work in public and private spaces alike. We remove graffiti from residential homes as well as schools, rail and bus stations, factories, warehouses, sporting facilities, hotels, fire stations and any other public buildings.


Many people prefer to cover the graffiti with paint because they found this to be a cheap way to remove graffiti from the public eye. In reality, in the longer term, is not cost effective at all for several reasons; some of the graffiti will show through over time, the paint will peel off and change the appearance of the property and impregnate the graffiti paint more inside the surface.


Graffiti divides many in the community, some say it’s art, and some say it’s vandalism, but love it or hate it unauthorized graffiti and other forms of vandalism costs money to clean up and is an
expensive burden for many shop owners and residents to remove.
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